• To facillitate and to connect researches in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia
    (FMUI) particularly and in Indonesia generally
  • To become the highest standard in biomedic laboratory service


  • Promoting research, particularly those associated with : Molecular genetics, Development of creatures and stem cell, Electrophysiology and imaging
  • To facillitate researches for staffs and students
  • To enhance collaboration of researches among departments in FMUI
  • To teach and train students of FMUI (and another medical practitioners) about biomedical research’s techniques
  • To develop recent and latest laboratory examination which clinically significant,based on molecular biology and immunoassay method

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Independent Research

Independent research is a research that is done individually or by institution by themselves, starts from the beginning until end.

With no means to exaggerate, we believe that Diagnostic and Research Center FMUI is ‘heaven’ for every researchers to perform their research. This laboratory accomodates both place and equipments needed by researches. Not only it has various sorts of laboratory items, it also has the most high-end and most recent instrumentations.

Make sure that you take advantage of its excellence in performing your research.

Independent Research Facilities

Facilities provided here is approximately similar with in Independent Research service with some additional facilities:

  • Provide a qualified and trustworthy research operator who will be responsible for technical dealings of the research
  • Provides laboratory items with high variety, quantity, and quality, with standardized equipments which is internationally accepted
  • Provides contiguous spaces that includes rooms of laboratries, computer laboratories, instruments, write-up spaces, office areas, and other spaces with varying degrees of chemical use and hazards
  • Gives discretion to researchers to explore their experiments
  • Provides links/connection cross-department needed by researchers corresponding with the research

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Public Service

Not only dealing with research activities, Diagnostic and Research Center FMUI also provides public with high quality laboratory check-ups. The examinations serviced here are various and are performed by the experts of the field.

Public Service also collaborates with several department from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital to strenghten and simplify the access to examination. The departments collaborated with Diagnostic and Research Center FMUI are ???

Public Service Facilities

Facilities provided here is approximately similar with in Independent Research service with some additional facilities:

  •  Provides basic until advance laboratory examination with international standardized quality
  •  Offers medical consultation regarding the result of examination
  •  Provides links/connection cross-department needed by patient

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Seminar and Training

One hightlight point of Diagnostic and Research Center is that it is not only gives service but also enhance knowledge for both medical practitioners and public. Diagnostic and Research Centeractively holds seminars and trainings to update information regarding most recent examination or simply extend knowledge.

With this seminars and trainings, Diagnostic and Research Center FMUI aims to give back the knowledge about health to the society.

Seminar and Training Facilities

  •  Holds certified seminars and trainings for public and medical practitioners
  •  Socializes updates and information regarding health issue and laboratory
  •  Provides links/ connection cross-department

List of Facilities

  • Public Laboratory

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    •  Ice Maker
    •  Autoclave Wet
    •  Orbital shaker
    •  Heating Block (Magnetic Stirer)
    •  pH Meter
    •  Laboratory Glassware washer
    • Water bath
    • Rocking shaker
    • Liquid Nitrogen Tank
    • Hybridization Oven
    • Drying Oven
    • Ultrasonic cleaning unit
    • Balance
    • Haemocytometer
    • Osmometer
    • Refrigerated 40, -200 dan -800 C
    • Incubator & Shaker
    • Water Purified
    • Centrifuge (biofuge stratos thermo scientific)
    • Refrigerated microcentrifuge (fresco 17 thermo scientific)
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory

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    • Single-strand Conformation Polymorfism (SSCP)
    •  Isoelectric focusing system (2D Electrophoresis system)
    •  Nano Spectrophotometer
    •  PCR Laminar with UV
    •  PCR Gradient
    •  RT-PCR
    •  DNA Sequencer
    •  Bionalyzer
    •  Microarray
    • Gel doc system
    •  Nanodrop
    •  Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis apparatus (DNA)
    •  Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis system (Protein)
    •  Vertical Gel Electrophoresis system (Protein)
    • RNA/DNA Work Station
    •  UV transilluminator
    •  Ultrasonic Disrupter
    •  Gel dryer
    •  Homogenizer
  • Immunodiagnostics Laboratory

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.53.25 PM

    • Immulite
    •  VIDAS
    •  Multiscan ELISA Reader
    •  FACSCalibur & FACSCanto – Flowcytometry
    •  Luminex
    • Clinical Chemistry Analyzer (Cobas C311)
    •  Elisa Washer
    •  TOSOH (Hormon Analyzer)
    •  Centrifuge Labofuge 200
    •  Hematology Analyzer
  • Cell Culture Laboratory

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.58.33 PM

    • Culture Room (Clean room : HEPA filter treatment, Positif presure area)
    •  Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) II
    •  Automatic Cell Counter
    • CO2 Incubator
    •  Inverted Microscope
    •  Trinocular Microscope
    •  Centrifuge
  • Electrophysiology and Imaging Laboratory

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.02.07 PM

    • Patch-Clamp Instrument
    •  Laser Scaning Microscope (Confocal microscope)
    •  Dissecting Microscope