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Indonesian Innovation for Health (innovate) is the technology transfer office (TTO) of Universitas Indonesia which focus transferring innovation in health sector. Innovate was formed to promote health-research collaboration in Indonesia. It will bring scientific finding to further development and commercialization.
Our team are specialized to protect intellectual property (IP), provide assistance of patenting, commercialization scientific finding and services, and some research units such as Diagnostic and Research Centre (DIARC), Clinical Research Supporting Unit (CRSU), Biobank, e-JKI and MJI.

Innovate also enhance quadruple helix collaboration in research between Academic, Business, Community, and Government (ABCG).

Are You Researcher or Business?

Intellectual Property Rights
CRSU (Clinical Research Supporting Unit)
Diagnostic and Research Center
Research Biobank


Roadshow to Obgyn

Roadshow to Medical Technology

National Health Day Fair, 9-11 November 2017


Workshop Academician - Business - Government - Community (ABGC) - November 14, 2017

Boenjamin Setiawan – Founder of PT Kalbe Farma

Irma Bernadette – Koordinator INNOVATE

Budi Wiweko – FK UI Research Manager

Dorodjatun Sanusi – Executive Director of GP Farmasi

Bernard T. Widjaja – Unit Head Herbal Division of PT Martina Berto

Bambang Setiadi – Chairman of Dewan Riset Nasional

Kristanto Santosa – Executive Director of Business Innovation Center

Adhi S. Lukman – Chairman of GAPMMI

Novie Andriani – Bappenas – Kasubdit plt. Rancang Bangun 2

Erna Setiawati – DPD GP Jamu Jawa Barat

Kwang Kheng Koe – Head of Regulatory and Medical Affairs Subcommittee IPMG

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